Washing and care

Natural sheepskin has a self-cleaning effect you need to left to hang in the air. It absorbs sweat and releases it into air much faster than synthetic materials. One of the sheepskin properties is self-regulating in terms of temperature, making it excellent for summer and Winter. If you want to clean your sheepskins, a good result will be obtained by shaking and airing outdoors in high humidity. The water vapor will pass through the skin and remove dirt particles and odors.

Natural sheepskin is dirt repellant so shaking and airing in high humidity can be sufficient. Please remember, if you want to clean sheepskin, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent, or cleaning products designed just for sheepskin. After cleaning stretch and rub the skin when damp. Sheepskin should dry in a warm room, but never next to or over a radiator. To restore the shine and furriness, we recommend brushing with a soft brush.

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