Genuine Icelandic sheepskin pillow 60x35cm



  • Material: 100% natural Icelandic sheepskin & leather
  • Size: 60 x 35 cm
  • Color: Grey| White

Our pillows are made of a wide range of Icelandic sheepskins in various shapes and colors. Each pillow has leather lining and due to its natural material is unique in structure and color. The different shapes and sizes available in our offer allows you to match pillows with your interior ideas.

Presented Icelandic sheepski pillow has measurements 60 x 35 cm. Front part is made of sheep fur and down part made of genuine leather. The feature
of Icelandic skins is long wool strands spread in all directions from the center. The sheep were raised in their native country of Iceland and then tanned according to high quality standards of the European Union.

Sheepskin is a natural product therefore variation will occur in colour tones, shape, size, wool pile and wool length.

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White, Grey