Genuine Gotland sheepskin natural color



  • Material: 100% natural sheepskin
  • Size: 90-110 cm
  • Color: mix of natural color

Gotland sheep are an ancient sheep breed from Sweden and our skins come directly from Gotland Island. They are renowned for their silvery-grey wool, silky to the touch curls and supreme suppleness. The fleece is fine, long, lustrous and dense, and can appear in different shades of grey, from almost white to silver and dark charcoal. This beautiful skin can be used as a throw or a rug, imbuing its surroundings with distinct Scandinavian style, thanks to its muted colour and unfussy aesthetic. Each skin is unique and a by product of the food industry. No animals were harmed just for their hides, responsibly produced in terms of both ethics and the environment.

Presented sheepski is available in mix of natural grey colors and size between 90-110 cm. Sheepskin is a natural product therefore variation will occur in colour tones, shape, size, wool pile and wool length.

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mix of natural colors